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We have collected, filmed and sourced an array of videos relating to Mt Seymour and North Shore ski and cabin culture. Many have been filmed and posted by third parties and maybe updated from time to time. We have done our best to credit everyone so please let us know if we are missing someone. We also love to hear from you if you have a related video to share no matter what format it is in, Enjoy watching. 


For forty years Alex Douglas has lived atop Mount Seymour. An explorer, an educator and an avid outdoorsman, Alex has made a home for himself in one of the last remaining cabins on the mountain. When the park opened in 1938 local skiers began building cabins to stay in during the winter season. At its peak there were more than 300 cabins on the mountain while today only ten are still standing. Alex’s passion for preserving the history of the mountain permeates every aspect of his life. He spends his days educating the public and exploring the hills for remnants of the forgotten cabins that once dominated the landscape. With a watchful eye and a curious mind, ‘Uncle Al’ has discovered dozens of abandoned cabin sites and put together an impressive collection of artifacts found on his adventures. As he reflects on his life, Alex hopes to inspire a new generation to explore and appreciate the mountain he calls home.

Produced By:

Geoff Hewat

Gordie Rogers

James Ryan

South Chair Media


Skiing Seymour 1950's

Hugh 'Torchy' Aikens filmed these scenes of family members & friends skiing on Mount Seymour - Via Donald Grant 

Ross Regan: Cabin Building

Building our Log Cabin on Mount Seymour in 1948 - Via Ross Regan

Hollyburn Renewal Project 2015

An overview of the history and significance of Hollyburn Lodge on Hollyburn Ridge and the Lodge Renewal fundraising campaign. - Via Hollyburn Heritage society 

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