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Did you know 80 years ago Mt Seymour had a bustling, skiing, hiking, “build it yourself”, shin-digging cabin community of over 300 log cabins!


Come join Alex (aka Uncle Al), Mt Seymour History Project Archivist, 47 year Mt Seymour Employee, all around mountain man for a hike back in time. Search the forest for cabin sites and remnants, find one that is still standing, and hear amazing stories of fun and ingenuity on the mountain

During the summer of 2024, no tours are planned at the moment. contact Alex directly if interested in finding your families cabin site.


2024 Friends and Family reunion, hopefully, Saturday, 1 to 4 pm Aug  24th 2024.

Location: Mt. Seymour Day Lodge.


In September pioneer skiers and cabin owners from the early days of the North Shore Mountains will gather for friendship and memories. If you or your family members built a cabin on Hollyburn, Grouse or Seymour, or were part of the ski or hiking scene during the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s then you want to attend and meet many old friends.


The PIONEER SKIERS' REUNION –  more information to this website sooner to the date of the event. 


 100% of contacts are now by e-mail so please share your e-mail with MSHP. Plus share the information with family and friends and remind them of the reunions. 

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