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We have collected, taken and sourced an array of photos relating to Mt Seymour and North Shore ski and cabin culture. Many have been taken and posted by third parties. We have done our best to credit everyone so please let us know if we are missing someone. We also would love to hear from you if you have any related photos or videos to share, no matter what format it is in, Enjoy Viewing. 


In 1948 6 young pioneers, challenged themselves to build a ski cabin on Mt Seymour. With no experience in cabin building the group embarked on a mission that would see them triumph, while forging life long friendships and inevitably leaving an indelible mark on their beloved Mt Seymour.


This photo gallery was made possible by images supplied by Ross Regan.


Learn more about Ross and the building of this cabin HERE

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In Approximately 1985 BC Parks changed the lease on the cabin and Earl Pletsch (Ski legend and founding owner of Mt Seymour ski resort) took ownership. Earl invested time and money in the cabin to keep it going, replacing the lower logs and adding tin to the roof. Despite the improvements the cabin was not fully inhabited.


In 1994 Eddie Wood (Owner and operator of Mt Seymour Resort) moved into the cabin to raise his family. Eddie and his wife Alison spent years tending the cabin in hope of restoring it beyond it's former glory. 


In 2001 the Wood family outgrew the cabin and Alex Douglas, his Wife and their Dog 'Seymour' began their tenure of the cabin. In recent years walls have been renforced, fireplaces restored and hours dedicated to painstakingly restoring the interior of the cabin while trying to retain the original logs and and features cut by Ole JoHansen in 1941 .


The cabins allure has led many to devote time and resources in hope of extending its life and keeping it standing, each has had a fundamental part in preserving what is a wonderful example of an early Canadian mountain cabin.


Fun Fact: The Cabin has appeared in many films, tv series and commercials including several Super Bowl commercials, Hot Tub Time Machine, Twilight and Supernatural.




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Enqvist Ski Camp 1940  - PHOTO GALLERY


It's fair to say that Mt Seymour Ski History start with Harold Enqvist Sr. In 1938 he built the first ever Ski Lodge (Mt Seymour Ski Lodge) on the mountain. The Lodge would become the centre of mountain recreation on Mt Seymour though out the 1930 & 40's.


Harold Enqvist Sr cleared the first ski hill, introduced the first rope tow and provided the first ski rentals service. His lodge provided rest and shelter for many pioneers and his passion and enthusiasm for Mt Seymour and skiing inspired a generation of skiers and cabin builders. He passed away at the young age of 47, but left a remarkable legacy. 


We hope to share more Enqvist history with you in the future.

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