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Skiers on mt Seymour



"Preserving and sharing the history of Mt Seymour skiing & North Shore cabin culture for all "  - Alex Douglas (Lead Historian ) 

Mt Seymour History News 2022 to 2023

March 8th. 2023:

The MSHP web site will be shutting down early April 2024, It's just too expensive to continue. The hope is that the content will move to a history section within . The collection will stay on Mt. Seymour and hopefully other staff will show an interest in the collection. I'll continue to work with the NVMA now MONOVA.

Hopefully some time in the long distant future there will be a real effort to review the collection and write the definitive history of Mt. Seymour or move it to MONOVA or Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum. 

All the best, stay safe, and when in doubt donate your photos, articles and memorabilia to the Museum of North Vancouver - MONOVA. Check out links for New Historypin web site and fantastic link to history of Mt. Seymour. (


enqvist Ski Lodge Mount seymour history project
UNCLE AL'S CABIN TOURS (sorry, no official tours this summer)

Uncle Al's summer cabin tours return this summer with dates throughout June, July, August & September. (dates for July & Aug will soon be on the web site). Also private tours can be customized to your interests, contact for details and pricing. To take part is one of these unique Canadian cultural tours and visit historic cabin sites on Mt Seymour CLICK HERE

enqvist Ski Lodge Mount seymour history project

2016's pioneer skiers reunion was held on Cypress Mountain and once again we had a fantastic turnout. For more Photos CLICK HERE

Cabin Building on Seymour North Vancouver

The story of 6 young pioneers building a cabin on Mt Seymour in 1948.

Cabin Building on Seymour North Vancouver

2017's pioneer skiers reunion was held on Mt. Seymour and once again we had a fantastic turnout. For more Photos CLICK HERE

Group of 1940s Skiers Mt Seymour History

View our extraordinary archive of historical ski images.

60's ski hill in Vancouver Mt Seymour

A collection of Mt Seymour related videos spanning almost 70 years.



Lead Historian 

Alex has worked on Mt Seymour for 45 years, but has now retired and has been collecting anything and everything he can get hold of relating to Mt Seymour and the North Shore Ski Areas.



Website Creator

Arriving in Vancouver in 2014 Farn fell in love with the N. Shore Mountains and found himself working on Seymour where he collaborated with Alex to create this website.



Seymour 50 Years 

Started on Seymour in early 1960’s Joining the Bob Dawson Ski School. From 1970’s to late 90’s he worked extensisly in ski retail. Finished his working life in Rentals on Seymour.

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